NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Secure Scheduling

Scheduling practices today are frankly appalling. Employees are given schedules which make it impossible to plan for the most basic elements of daily life – whether it’s child care, a dentist appointment, or family dinner. That’s why we here at Civic Skunk Works recorded an episode devoted to secure scheduling. Seattle led the nation on the $15 minimum wage, and now we’re leading the nation when it comes to protecting a worker’s right to secure scheduling. Tune in to the newest episode of The Other Washington and tell us what you think!


With more and more Americans moving from traditional jobs to freelance and part-time work, the so called “gig economy” is changing the very nature of employment. How will the middle class survive the loss of benefits and security? A new social contract – a “Shared Security System” – is one possible answer.

Listen to our fourth episode and let us know what you think of our solution!