Seattle Subway Franchise Lures Job Applicants with Promise of $13 Minimum Wage

Subway hiring at $13 an hour!

Subway woos Seattle “sandwich artists” with promise of $13 minimum wage. (via Working Washington)

Turns out McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food franchise to respond to Seattle’s job-killing minimum wage ordinance by hiring more workers. The Belltown area Subway is advertising on Craigslist, both “full time and part time positions,” with the promise of “Wages goes up to $13.00/Hour on 01/01/2016.” *

Which is weird, because the International Franchise Association has assured us that Seattle’s three-year phase-in to $15 an hour would drive their members out of business, and yet franchisees are not only continuing to hire workers, they’re using our higher minimum wage to lure applicants in Seattle’s increasingly competitive labor market.

Go figure.

* (Or at least, that’s what the ad used to promise before they edited the compensation numbers out of the ad after Working Washington called them out on their hypocrisy.)



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