Restaurant Owner Who Said “We are…certainly not opening another business in our beloved Seattle” Due to $15 Minimum Wage Is Opening Another Restaurant in His Beloved Seattle

Welcome to West Seattle, Mioposto! The local Italian restaurant chain is opening its third location in the Admiral District next Saturday—another sign of the Seattle restaurant scene’s increasing strength. Isn’t it hard to believe that just last year, local restaurant owners were complaining that moving toward a $15 minimum wage would kill the restaurant scene dead? Now that we’ve seen our first wage increase and restaurants keep opening, those prophecies of doom seem pretty silly. I bet those owners are feeling kinda dumb right around now.

Hey, wait a minute! Turns out, one of Mioposto’s owners was complaining about the minimum wage increase. Go figure! As Working Washington pointed out, Jeremy Hardy—who also owns Coastal Kitchen—told Eater Seattle last year that he’s “certainly not opening another business in our beloved Seattle” due to the minimum wage increase, and that he “falls somewhere between feeling sad and feeling betrayed that this grenade has been dropped on us.”

Um. Huh. Maybe he was being hyperbolic? Perhaps Hardy knew he was playing Chicken Little on the minimum wage increase, and he was doing it as a rhetorical exercise of some sort? Hm. No, that can’t be it, because he told Puget Sound Business Journal that “this is not one of those Chicken Little moments.” And just before the increase went into effect, Hardy told KCTS that “I am not a cry wolf type of person.”

After all that crying wolf and hollering about the sky falling and bemoaning the fate of his beloved Seattle, Hardy must be one hungry fellow. May we suggest he try the food at the Admiral outlet of Mioposto? Maybe they’ll make a special pizza with crow on it, just for him.



Paul Constant
Paul Constant has written about politics, books, and film for Newsweek, The Progressive, the Utne Reader, and alternative weeklies around the country.