Daily Clips: September 20th, 2016

Seattle City Council approves worker-scheduling law: A big win for Seattle workers! If you have no idea what secure scheduling entails, listen to our podcast episode on the subject.

David Brooks tells us about meeting a working-class person: There’s really no other way you could summarize Brooks’ latest  piece. He comes off as a snob desperately trying to understand the “sad, noncumulative pattern to working-class lives.” (Tip to David: maybe don’t use those phrases when speaking to the working class.) As you can tell, he has a thing for buzz phrases with no inherent meaning: my favorites in this column were “nurture webs of mutual dependence” and “stochastic, episodic nature”.

US companies are ‘hoarding’ a record $2.5 trillion in cash overseas

House GOP’s ‘Better Way’ Tax Plan A Much Better Way For Richest 1%

Clinton hasn’t won over millennials. And no sexism isn’t to blame: Excellent article which accurately identifies my generation’s feelings towards Clinton. Here’s a particularly strong point:

Since the Democratic national convention, Clinton and Trump have peddled their own politics of fear. Hers: of an ascendant far-right. His: of immigrants and the prospect of a truly multi-racial democracy. If Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign showed anything, though, it’s that young Americans are eager to vote for something – not against it.

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Nick Cassella
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