Daily Clips: September 14th, 2016

And now, a case of really bad Republican timing: Here is an excellent article on the failed economics of Paul Ryan and his #BetterWay crew. What is best about this piece, however, is how the author neatly defines the GOP’s economic agenda:

[Ryan’s] “Better Way” agenda — [is] basically tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts for the poor and deregulation for big business…

That sure sounds a lot like our definition of trickle-down economics as tax cuts for the rich, deregulation for the powerful, and wage suppression for the 99%.

NRA ad against background checks in Maine completely misses the mark: Wow, this ad is bad. Not only does it depict the San Francisco skyline (while claiming it is New York), they also employ some voice actor to do a Maine accent…that doesn’t sound anything like a Mainer.

Our own Paul Constant (who grew up in Maine) gave his own take on the entire kerfuffle.

Economic expansion is finally benefiting the middle class:

The 5.6 percent rise in median household income from 2010 to 2015 is a great deal better than in the mid-2000s expansion and somewhat worse than in the mid-1990s recovery. Using inflation-adjusted average hourly earnings for nonsupervisory workers, the mid-1990s and current expansion are about the same, compared with no gain in the mid-2000s. Both the poorest and richest Americans did better in the 1990s but worse in the mid-2000s.

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Nick Cassella
Nick Cassella graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2014. After graduating, he worked on the Initiative 594 campaign before joining Civic Ventures, where he now manages Civic Skunk Works' social media presence.