Daily Clips: October 4th, 2016

WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman did not support voting rights bill: Representative Luis Moscoso of the WA House of Reps pens a powerful LTE. He is responding to the Everett Herald’s endorsement of Kim Wyman. And boy, does he smack down their claims:

I wish you would have consulted me to validate the facts regarding this comment in your recent editorial:

“…she worked with former Rep. Luis Moscoso, D-Mountlake Terrace, to get the legislation passed in the House this year, though it stalled in the Senate.”

I never worked directly with Wyman in any of the four years I was the prime sponsor of HB 1745, Enacting the Washington voting rights act.

69 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings: This comes from a survey of 5,000 adults. As bad as the economic situation has become, this percentage seems pretty high to me.

British pound hits 31-year-low against US dollar: Of course this happens two years after I graduate from university in the UK.

Not one NY police offers has a body camera: How can this be in 2016? Not one of the department’s 35,800 officers is equipped with this equipment.

Disgusting tweet of the day:




Nick Cassella
Nick Cassella graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2014. After graduating, he worked on the Initiative 594 campaign before joining Civic Ventures, where he now manages Civic Skunk Works' social media presence.