Daily Clips: October 25th, 2016

Obamacare’s premiums are spiking. What’s wrong with the law? According to Caroline Pearson, “the dramatic premium increase should be a one-time correction.”

North Carolina race could determine whether GOP keeps the Senate: I haven’t read much about this race, but as it stands Sen. Richard Burr (R) is in a very close contest with Deborah Ross (D). Currently, “Ross is benefiting from a strong Democratic turnout effort and from campaign visits” from Obama, Kaine, and Clinton.

AT&T’s merger could be a bad sign for the economy: I’m reading “Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism” at the moment and its relevance to the AT&T merger is frightening. Our economy is full of big companies and “that trend worries a growing number of economists, who fear it suggests an economy that is becoming less dynamic and competitive over time.”

Obama was right about Republican extremism all along: Excellent article.

New Elway poll shows Initiative 1491 with 67% support: Initiative 1491, which would enact extreme risk protection orders (thus preventing firearms access to those posing a danger to themselves or others), is at 67%. That is a three percent increase in support from August. Only 18% oppose it.

It sure looks like Washington citizens will defeat the gun lobby for the second election in a row.

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Nick Cassella
Nick Cassella graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2014. After graduating, he worked on the Initiative 594 campaign before joining Civic Ventures, where he now manages Civic Skunk Works' social media presence.