Daily Clips: December 16th, 2015

The winners and losers of last night’s debate, according to Jennifer Rubin: Rubin is a rigidly conventional thinker and an establishment Republican at the Washington Post. And within her analysis of last night’s debate, she does everything she can to make you think that Rubio and Bush were the best candidates on stage.

Her winners and losers were perfectly demarcated between establishment candidates and outsiders:

Winners: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, CNN (for tough, substantive questions on foreign policy)

Losers: Trump, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson (who seemed barely there)

A couple of things: How did she possibly think Jeb Bush won that debate? He was downright awful. And how does she think that CNN did a good job on foreign policy when they never even brought up the historic Paris agreement? Their adherence to terrorism was pathetic and cheap. Deep down, CNN is shallow.

CNN leaves anti-choice domestic terrorism out of GOP Debate: 

During the final Republican presidential primary debate of 2015, which was focused on national security and terrorism, CNN moderators failed to ask the Republican presidential primary candidates about the deadly shooting attack at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, which has been linked by many in the media to heated anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric from the GOP.

The GOP debate explained in one tweet:

 Rand Paul decided to show up to this debate:



Nick Cassella
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