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Daily Clips: May 30, 2017

$40-80 carbon tax by 2020, $100 carbon tax by 2030 could save climate, say economists

Illinois passes automatic voter registration

Here’s what happens when you defund Planned Parenthood

Why Trump’s plan to slash food stamps and Medicaid could cost him crucial support

Why Whole Foods represents the failures of ‘conscious capitalism’

Trump’s budget plan lands with a thud in Middle America

Daily Clips: May 26, 2017

Wages go up and Goldman Sachs says “oh no”

Democrats just united on a $15-an-hour minimum wage

How the American Health Care Act would affect mental-health coverage

US economy grows at tepid rate of 1.2 percent

Liberals won’t get anywhere fact-checking Donald Trump, because they have no powerful message of their own

Why Republicans can’t fix health insurance

Daily Clips: May 24, 2017

Economists say Trump’s budget proposal doesn’t add up

Thomas Friedman takes a road trip through “rusting and rising America”

The big divide in America is not between the coasts and the interior. It’s between strong communities and weak communities. You can find weak ones along the coast and thriving ones in Appalachia, and vice versa. It’s community, stupid — not geography.

The communities that are making it share a key attribute: They’ve created diverse adaptive coalitions, where local businesses get deeply involved in the school system, translating in real time the skills being demanded by the global economy.

They also tap local colleges for talent and innovations that can diversify their economies and nurture unique local assets that won’t go away. Local foundations and civic groups step in to fund supplemental learning opportunities and internships, and local governments help to catalyze it all.

The dumb accounting error at the heart of Trump’s budget

The U.S. wins the G7 unemployment-improvement race

Voters in Washington hated both Trump and Clinton more than in any other state

Daily Clips: May 23, 2017

Chinese student abused for praising ‘fresh air of free speech’ in US

Trump’s budget: major slashes to social programs—but $1.6bn for the wall

David Brooks continues to think that families and communities are falling apart——after he just left his wife for another woman

ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester attack; toll rises to 22, including children

Why tax cuts don’t pay for themselves

DeVos promises ‘the most ambitious expansion of education choice in our nation’s history’ but offers no details

April new home sales fall 11.4% to 569,000, vs. 615,000 expected

Daily Clips: May 22, 2017

After Piketty—video and transcript of panel including Paul Krugman

Bernie Sanders raises the stakes in tight Montana race

Trump’s budget is a joke

Medicaid cuts coming in Trump’s budget

How Can Democrats Form an Agenda When Trump Looms Over Everything?

Monopoly in Australia: what can we learn from the land down under?

The decline of established American retailing threatens jobs

Daily Clips: May 19, 2017

In the US, voting is way harder for poor people

Humans aren’t built to be in the moment

Americans are paying $38 to gather $1 of student debt

The share of student debt that’s severely delinquent (at least 90 days late) is more than triple the overall serious delinquency rate on all household debt, according to the New York Fed.

It’s time for the government to give everyone a job

Delusional and patriarchal American headline of the day: Trump can remake the Middle East

China is the future of the sharing economy

The Trump administration’s plans to crack down on Wall Street are being called into question

Daily Clips: May 18, 2017

US jobless claims fall

New applications for U.S. jobless benefits unexpectedly fell last week and the number of Americans on unemployment rolls tumbled to a 28-1/2-year low, pointing to rapidly shrinking labor market slack.

Trump to propose scrapping beleaguered student loan forgiveness program

Household debt in USA surpasses its peak reached during the recession in 2008

The best replacement for Obamacare is Medicaid

The poor die younger

The investigator America needs

Even before the stunning events of the past week, Mr. Mueller would have had plenty to work with. But after the president’s abrupt firing of Mr. Comey on May 9 — followed by his apparent admission that he did so with the Russia investigation in mind, followed by reports that he previously pressed Mr. Comey to pledge his loyalty and asked him to drop a related inquiry into Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser — it became clear that the investigation needed to be kept alive at all costs, and as far from Mr. Trump as possible.

Daily Clips: May 17, 2017

Trump is above the law, for now–but not the people

More Republicans back independent probe

Welcome to the ‘War On Drugs,’ Redux

The broken promise of higher education

That millions of students have dropped out of college, often unable to pay back their student loans, is more than just a college-completion crisis. It is also an upending of the promise of higher education: to students, that they can educate their way into economic stability, and to citizens, that higher education will spur economic growth and a stronger nation. Instead, voters see students left to go it alone, navigating an unfamiliar and challenging world while forgoing a paycheck, taking on thousands in debt to cover the costs, and often moving back in with their parents to survive.

Hannity and Fox News are in full meltdown over Trump’s Comey scandal

No more holding that phone while driving under new law in Washington

Seattle could be first city to give heroin users ‘safe spaces’