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Daily Clips: June 9, 2017

Dear Paul Ryan: Listen to your constituents

House GOP Votes to deregulate Wall Street and gut consumer protections

There are now 47 counties where no health plans want to sell Obamacare

Class resentment and the center-left, or the Politics of “We Are the 80%”

Poll: Dem Ossoff leads by 7 in Georgia House race

American left sees hope in Britain’s socialist surge

Daily Clips: June 8, 2017

Trickle-down lies are falling apart

Thomas Frank visits the industrial heartlands of northern England

Democrats pounce on Handel for ‘livable wage’ remark

Comey: Trump administration spread ‘lies, plain and simple’

As voodoo economics collapses in Kansas, Trump takes it national

The fallacy of endless economic growth

Daily Clips: June 7, 2017

Brownback tax cuts set off a revolt by Kansas Republicans

Nevada’s legislature just passed a radical plan to let anybody sign up for Medicaid

Electric car sales are surging, IEA reports

Hawaii becomes first state to formally adopt Paris Climate Accord pledges

Georgia’s 6th Runoff | Karen Handel – “I do not support a livable wage”

The top 100 economics blogs of 2017

Daily Clips: June 6, 2017

As Trump lashes out, Republicans worry it could put their agenda at risk

Taking single-payer seriously

Time for Democrats to unite around Medicare for all

Seattle will tax sugary soda pop but not diet; lattes apparently exempt (but maybe not their flavored syrups)

Despite vow to end ‘catch and release’, immigrants freed

U.S. small businesses to lobby Congress to oppose border tax

Daily Clips: June 5, 2017

In Donald Trump’s America, the left rethinks its economics

So, where are all those robots?

Rex Tillerson misled Exxon Mobil investors on climate change, NY AG says

Is there an emerging Democratic agenda?

How Trump made wage theft routine

Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism is destroying our democracy

Daily Clips: June 2, 2017

Video: Leaving the Paris Accord is Trump’s most drastic statement yet

US Vice President: Climate change is a left wing issue and puts too much burden on the economy

Why consumers aren’t spending

Inslee, New York Governor Cuomo, and California Governor Brown announce formation of United States Climate Alliance

U.S. adds 138,000 jobs; unemployment rate falls to 4.3 percent

Daily Clips: June 1, 2017

U.S. private sector adds 253,000 jobs in May

Economists say Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks show the ultra-wealthy dodging taxes far more than believed

Trump budget gets three-fifths of its cuts from programs for low- and moderate-income people

Trump wants to kill the filibuster to give tax cuts to the rich

The Democrats’ working-class problem

Disarming the domestic abuser

Daily Clips: May 31, 2017

Goodbye Paris Agreement!

Can Kamala Harris live up to the hype?

Concentrated markets and a lack of competition are damaging the Australian economy

Wage growth isn’t so sluggish after all

Leaked regulation: Trump plans to roll back Obamacare birth control mandate

To save the welfare state, liberals need a new narrative about personal responsibility